Yachthafen Burgtiefe Fehmarn - Hier liegen Sie im Meer richtig

Burgtiefe Marina:
The Berth of Something Beautiful

Sail in and discover Burgtiefe, a modern 4-star marina with outstanding berthing conditions, spectacular scenery and an ideal waterside location close to the South Beach. Stroll along the promenade knowing your boat is protected by the natural wave attenuation of the Inland Lake of Burg.

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Book your berth in the marina of Burgtiefe, which is the most modern and spacious of Fehmarn’s five marinas, and enjoy its many amenities.

Reasons to book with us

Yachthafen Burgtiefe Fehmarn - All Inclusive Preis

All-Inclusive Price

Yachthafen Burgtiefe Fehmarn - Burger Binnensee

Well Protected Location within the Inland Lake of Burg

Yachthafen Burgtiefe Fehmarn - Rundsteg

Unique Round Dock

Yachthafen Burgtiefe Fehmarn - Südstrand

Only 250 Meters from South Beach

The Burgtiefe marina offers everything the sailor’s heart desires: 600 berths, a round dock, a dinghy dock, five more jetties, four slipways, a crane station, a bunker station and three modern housing units with showers and toilets. Along the promenade there is a café, a restaurant and a bar. Those who prefer to dine on board can buy fresh bread and other food and beverages at the self-service market. Action on the water is provided by the water sports school and the charter and boat rental companies or you can rent a bike and explore the island. A dip in the Baltic Sea or sunbathing in a beach chair can be enjoyed on the South Beach, which is only an anchor throw away. You can also get freshly caught fish right from the trawler at the neighboring port in Burgstaaken.

The Belgian International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) awarded the marina with four stars in March 2021. The certification now officially presents the excellent service and modern facilities that the marina offers sailors and boat owners during their stay.

The New Marina Promenade

From 2017 to 2022, a Recreation Promenade was built at the marina in Burgtiefe, and Fehmarn now has its own “Walk of Fehm” where you can stroll through a dune landscape, the smell of the Baltic sea in your nose. Relax on comfortable loungers watching boats rock softly in the harbour, while nearby children romp in the playgrounds and bratwurst sizzles on the BBQ.

Burgtiefe Marina Development Schedule

Yachthafen Burgtiefe Fehmarn - Die neue Promenade

December 2017 to July 2018

  • Renovation of the main access road
  • Fortification of the shore in the area of the marina
  • Redesign of the central port and crane station, including a new event place

September 2018 to June 2019

  • Remodeling of the parking areas
  • Addition of sunbathing and amusement areas
  • Redesign of the promenade between the harbourmaster’s office and the sailor’s club, with new green areas, playgrounds and cozy barbecue spots

September 2019 to June 2020

  • Redesign of the promenade between the Round Dock House and the pier, as well as between the sailor’s club and the local entrance of Burgtiefe – here too new green areas and event spaces will be added
  • One of the highlights will be the long Sunset Bench directly at the seaside
  • Construction of an 18.5 meter high barrier-free lookout tower


  • Construction of an 18 meter high barrier-free lookout tower
  • Construction of shelters on the barbeque areas

Funded by:

This measure is funded by the Country Economic Program (LPW) with funds from the Joint Task “Improving the Regional Economic Structure” (GRW).

New 360 degree panoramic webcam

Installed on the “Utkieker” lookout tower, our new webcam offers you a great 360 degree view of Burgtiefe, the marina and the inland lake as far as Burgstaaken and the Fehmarn Sound Bridge, including a time-lapse function. Click here for the webcam: https://fehmarn.panomax.com

Information to mariners

The offshore work for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel between Puttgarden and Rødby has started and is expected to last until 2027. You can find important information to mariners, work areas and safety in this area on www.femern.com/en/Construction-work/Navigation-information-to-mariners.

New Lookout Tower "Utkieker"

In October 2021, the new 18m high, barrier-free and freely accessible lookout tower “Utkieker” was opened at the marina. 72 steps or an elevator lead you up to the viewing platform, from which you can enjoy a unique 360-degree view over Burgtiefe, the marina, the Burger Binnensee and the open Baltic Sea.

4-star certification for the Yachthafen Burgtiefe

The International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) has awarded the Yachthafen Burgtiefe a 4-star certification. This certification now officially indicates the excellent service and modern facilities of our marina. 

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Your Personal Contact

Harbourmaster Ralph Becker is your contact for any question or request.

Harbourmaster Ralph Becker

Am Yachthafen 14
23769 Burgtiefe auf Fehmarn
Tel. +49 (0)4371 8888900

All Inclusive Package

Whether you book online or just spontaneously sail in, the rates are all inclusive!

  • Mooring fee
  • Parking directly at the harbour • Wi-Fi on board
  • Code for sanitary facilities
  • Water & electricity
  • Waste Disposal
  • Info & contact person on site

Service Companies

Whether you are looking to charter a yacht, find a sail maker, fit your own vessel with the latest technology, or store your ship for the winter at Fehmarn, we have compiled a list of all the useful service companies on the island here. For any questions, please contact the harbourmaster.

Fehmarn – in the Middle of the Sea

Sail in and discover the sunny island! Fehmarn not only attracts with above-average hours of sunshine, but also offers a fantastic variety of beaches, picturesque villages and great events and activities. Water sports, cycling or a culinary island exploration – the best experience is right away in sight!


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Events & activities

Food & drinks

sailing at the
Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein


How to use the sanitary facilities?

The sanitary facilities are included in the mooring fee. The current access code for the toilets and showers can be obtained at check-in at the harbour office.

Where can we do laundry?

In the sanitary building next to the harbour master’s office there is a laundry room with washing machines and tumble dryers. Use costs € 6 each.

Is there a supermarket in the harbour? Where can I go shopping?

Directly in the harbour (in front of the round dock) you will find an SB-Markt grocery store, larger supermarkets are in Burg. There are two bakeries (Bakery Börke and Bakery Puck) on the South Beach promenade. Fresh bread is also available at the grocery store.

Where to dine?

Directly in the harbour there is a restaurant, a café and a bar. Along the South Beach promenade you will find more choices, and in Burg, 4 kilometers away, there is a wide range of restaurants, cafés and take-aways. Check out the magazine Fehmarn’s Gastroguide for more details.

Where to rent a bike?

At the South Beach promenade (close to the three towers) you will find a rental service, and an island-wide delivery service is also available.

Next to the FehMare you will also find a Sunny Bike To Go bike-sharing station.

Where to have a barbecue?

There are several barbecue areas right in the harbour, which can be used for free.

Do we have access to Wi-Fi?

Yes, you will receive the Wi-Fi access code from the harbourmaster.

At what times and where to does the bus travel?

Directly at the marina there are two stops: Burgtiefe West and Burgtiefe Yachthafen – learn more about the current routes and schedules. Alternatively, contact the taxi services InselTaxi at +49 (0)43 71 – 888 9 222 or Taxi Barnasch at +49 (0)43 71 – 33 49.

How do we refuel?

The company Weilandt GmbH is in charge of the water station (bunker station) – please contact them at +49 (0)4371 3833.

Where to rent a boat?

Boats can be rented directly in the harbour from the rental companies Ostsee Charterboote or Neumann.

Where to buy fresh fish?

In Burgstaaken harbour, 2.5 km distant, you can buy fresh fish directly from the trawler or at the fishing cooperative.


Am Yachthafen 14,
23769 Fehmarn
Tel.  +49 (0)4371 8888900

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8.00 - 17.00
Sat-Sun: 9.00 - 15.00

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